MEME Token Trade-in: What About Staked Steem MEME Tokens?

Yes, I used this meme on MemeHub community about a week ago but it goes perfectly to an update for a post I made on this community about two weeks ago.

One of the users making an exchange claim reminded me that the unstaking time window for steem MEME is more than the month I am offering to exchange steem MEME for hive meme tokens.

So this is the plan to handle that issue: Just like GEEK token this is going to be an honor system that anyone making an exchange claim for hive MEME will eventually unstake and burn all their steem MEME.

I am making a gradual transition to fully be on hive. I am powering down all my steem power. I am selling off all my steem tokens, I've burned all my steem MEME tokens. The limited time offer I am making during May to exchange steem MEME for hive MEME is part of my transition to get out of the steem platform.

Image source for meme: Rick & <orty

  1. Send whatever amount of steem MEME tokens that is unstaked to @null for burning.

  2. Reply to this post or the previous post with a link from for the MEME token burning transaction so I can see it. I will check the steem-engine account that burned the steem MEME for any amount of staked steem MEME and add that number to the burned steem MEME. So, burned steem MEME + any staked MEME = all steem MEME in account for burning. Feel free to include in your reply for an exchange claim the amount of staked steem MEME if you want to make sure I am aware of it.

  3. After I verify the burn transaction plus staked steem MEME amount I will issue the hive MEME token trade from @memehive.

It may take up to 72 hours from the time of your reply to this post requesting hive MEME tokens for the hive MEME tokens to be issued. I will do it as quickly as I can but I can't guarantee there won't be delays. This is all being done manually.

Since there are a lot less hive MEME tokens than steem MEME tokens the ratio for trade is 10 (ten) MEME steem tokens for every 1 (one) MEME hive token. For example, 100 steem MEME tokens for 10 hive MEME tokens.

The trade-in offer is only good from the time of this first posting through the end of May 2020 and is based on the transaction timestamp. Any transaction with a June 2020 or later date will not be valid.