Making a POB NFT More Valuable: Burn, Baby, Burn!

Do you know what the first NFT minted on's NFT Marketplace was? It's "VYBin'" by @calumam. 120 editions were generated. My @holovision account owns editions #1 and #2. I sent my alternate account edition #120. @mineopoly currently has editions #3, #12, #69, #101, and #111. The creator @calumam currently owns edition #64.

Over three weeks ago @calumam changed the price of the NFT. Since then until recently that NFT was relatively cheap like dynamite, gunpowder, and gasoline. But then earlier today some joker purchased all of those unsold VYBin' editions still in the NFT Marketplace and immediately burned them.

No more VYBin' edition #51. Bye to VYBin' edition #78. No amount of POB will get you VYBin' edition #4 now. Forget about VYBin' edition #107. So many VYBin' editions burned! There may be 120 editions of VYBin' but many editions are no longer available and will never be available for sale. They're simply gone.

It's about sending a message.
Modified Image Source: The Dark Knight (2008)