Welcome to Mad Scientists Hivemind Community

I've recently created a few hard science communities and a paranormal community. To make sure I cover all the bases I've created yet another community. This community is for the topics that aren't quite paranormal but also aren't the kinds of topics that might be tolerated in the STEMGeeks community because the topics are considered "pseudoscience". The link to the community is HERE.

If you know what KeelyNet was then think of this as a Hive version of KeelyNet. If you don't know what KeelyNet was then I guess this community will seem like a place where the members don't realize Rick and Morty is a fictional animated series.

Topics for this community can include faster than light communication, overunity devices, anti-gravity and cold fusion. If you post about chemically assisted nuclear reactions then we'll know what you mean.

Photo Source: Back to the Future