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Lidsville is one of those shows from the 1970s that when you describe it to millennials they most likely think you are trying to troll them with a made up show that never existed.

As explained in the theme song for Lidsville a young boy named Mark (played by Butch Patrick) saw a magic show while visiting an amusement park. In order to learn the secrets behind the magic act Mark violates the park's rules, if not the law itself, by sneaking backstage after everyone is gone. While examining the magician's hat the hat begins to increase in size. While looking in the enlarged hat Mark accidentally falls into the hat and ends up in a pocket universe.

Since this show is in the 1970s decade rather than ending up in the Twilight Zone the character Mark ends up in a world populated by sentient living hats. Within moments of arriving Mark is captured by a gang of bad hats employed by an evil magician named HooDoo. For years I've tried to figure out if being captured by hats is better or worse than when the Lost in Space crew got captured by a giant sentient carrot. It doesn't help that while thinking about that I get distracted by wondering just how evolution works in Lidsville to create sentient hats.

After escaping fom Hoodoo and freeing a genie named Weenie the Genie Mark helps the citizen hats of Lidsville defend their town from HooDoo who will often fly overhead in his Hatamaran (There are a lot of hat puns in this show. Just go with it.) and zap the hats with magic bolts like the Greek god Zeus. HooDoo's reason for doing this depends on the story.

Since the Witchiepoo character appears in the episode "Have I Got a Girl For HooDoo" Lidsville shares the same universe with the show H.R. Pufnstuf.


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