Legalized Theft and Vigilantism

This video below helps show why blockchain and decentralization is so very important. It is getting more clear every day that copyright law is being abused. Creators who have legitimately and legally used limited amounts of copyrighted works have lost money and somehow it is treated as the "new norm" and essentially been trivialized.

I can't help but think that DMCA censorship isn't just done by private companies. It could be so easy for a government to create a shell company with a black budget for the sole purpose to issue DMCA takedown notices and stifle free speech. That may be a little conspiratorial but who would ever know? A DMCA claim is not reviewed by any court to determine if it is legitimate. The amount of times legitimate material created by internet users has been taken off the internet should be viewed as a slow erosion of freedom by any rational person. The "fair use" doctrine depends on case law to help define the boundary between a copyright monopoly and acceptable limited use of copyrighted material. Ever since 1998 the DMCA has so many times taken away cases that should have been seen by courts only because the accused didn't have the resources to fight back. It costs almost nothing to make an accusation under the DMCA but a small fortune to defend against accusations. 

Copyright law is important. It helps protect the expression of ideas. However, when copyright law gets weaponized it helps nobody. It leaves victims feeling slighted and breeds animosity toward what should be good law.