PIONEER ONE: Episode 4

Episode 4 “Triangular Diplomacy”

While Jane builds her relationship with Yuri in the quarantined Calgary base, Taylor finds they’re starting to lose control of the story in the media.

In this West Wing-inspired installment, Homeland Security Secretary Eric McClellan (Einar Gunn) gets down to some realpolitking with the Russian Ambassador who suspect that one of their cosmonauts is being held prisoner in Canada. But neither side knows what they’re actually dealing with.

McClellan, searching for any plausible explanation for Yuri that’s not Soviet lovechild from Mars, may be playing a bigger game of his own.

PIONEER ONE is an independent drama series written by Josh Bernhard and directed by Bracey Smith. After raising $6000 to shoot their pilot on Kickstarter in March, 2010, the first episode debuted online on June 16, 2010 and was downloaded 2,000,000 times in two weeks and went on to win Best Drama Pilot at the 2010 New York Television Festival. Over the next several months, fans donated $100,000 to fund the rest of the 6-episode first season, which went on to be nominated for a Webby Award for Best Drama and Best Writing in 2012.

Originally distributed on, the episodes had over 4.1 million completed downloads as of April, 2012:

2010 New York Television Festival: Best Drama Pilot (


2012 Webby Awards: Best Drama Nominee

2012 Webby Awards: Best Writing Honoree

2012 IAWTV Awards: Best Drama Nominee (



0:00 – Recap.

0:30 – Talking heads.

4:36 – Main titles.

5:26 – New talking points.

5:50 – Russian politicking.

8:13 – This little blue one.

9:03 – Enough with the bedtime stories.

9:38 – God damned absurd.

11:36 – Secrets and lies.

13:55 – Managing expectations.

15:01 – Cormac Rowe.

17:56 – The letter of the law.

20:12 – Triangular diplomacy.

21:09 – The bigger the lie...

21:55 – Leaky ships.

23:08 – Shine a light on it.

23:53 – The Half-Hour News Hour.

27:25 – Pillow talk.

29:20 – Exactly that cynical.

30:01 – That's not a good idea.

31:00 – Next time:

32:13 – End credits.

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