Kardashev Scale Wiki

Last week I posted about a YouTube channel I came across that speculates about the technological future trends of business and commerce. If you're more into pure science speculation and how the future will be like how science fiction portrays it then you might be interested in this:

Image Source: kardashev.fandom.com

The Kardashev Scale Wiki is on the fandom.com platform. It currently has 547 pages and so far I've only had time to read about a dozen of them. The wiki utilizes a Kardashev Scale with eight categories of civilization and Barrow's proposed categories of smaller scale engineering.

One of the paragraphs on the Home page states:

This wiki is a fusion of real science, hypothetical science, and futurism. There are many futures, or infinite futures, so grab a chair and enjoy this content with an open mind.

One of the 547 pages is an entry about cryptocurrency. The entry gives a background summary about what cryptocurrency is and does. It ends with the paragraph:

Cryptocurrency eventually replaced virtual digital currency which in turn replaced paper money which in turn replaced bartering. Due to its decentralized nature, it led to the devaluation and breakdown of world economies by Type I.

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