Justin Sun's Guide to Becoming an Arms Dealer Using Blockchain Technology

Note: @holovision is unable to blog today (April 01, 2022). Filling in is guest blogger @justinsunsteemit.

Justin Sun's Guide to Becoming an Arms Dealer Using Blockchain Technology
By Justin Sun (April 01, 2022)

Hey everyone. Hard to believe that it's been a whole year since I last guest blogged for @holovision. Originally the plan for today was to post "Justin Sun's Guide to Starting and Running a Hive Tribe" but @holovision vetoed that. Apparently @holovision is not a huge fan of "Justin Sun's Guide to Cryptocurrency" and "Justin Sun's Guide To Becoming Wealthy Using Hive". What's wrong with "Justin Sun's Guide to Starting and Running a Hive Tribe"? We all know the real purpose of https://www.hiveme.me is for money laundering whatever @holovision gets if one of his Gotham City capers is ever successful.

Hopefully this year @holovision will appreciate my hard work creating this post.

If you check my Wikipedia entry you'll see that recently I've become addicted to auctions and I wimped out on taking a flight to space but for sure it's not because I am scared. It's not like the other rich people are peer pressuring me to go to space. Later this year I'll be going up with five other participants who happen to be large plush animals. Well, to be honest one of them is my furry boyfriend to hold my hand for good luck. Definitely not because I am scared of going to space and getting eaten by a monster. I have also "retired" as the Chief Embezzling Officer of TRON since last year's post.

Anyway, this is all to say that I have spent the last year reinventing myself. I even became a diplomat for Grenada. To this day I still don't know where the Hell Grenada is but my furry boyfriend assures me its weather is perfect for bunnies like him and just far enough from the CCP so that I can remain a communist while hiding my money from the party.

Meme Source

I love being a diplomat! The pay is horrible but that's because diplomats aren't supposed to live off their salarary much like teachers and soldiers in the United States. Unlike U.S. teachers though diplomats aren't expected to get a second or third part time job to supplement their income. Diplomats are given this job perk called "diplomatic pouch". It's this thing which diplomats like myself properly identify sealed packages containing things and people in the private sector pay us to get those things past customs. The diplomatic pouches are opaque and you don't ask the people paying you what items are in there because that's just plain rude. The regular clients I have though are very open about what I am getting past customs. The containers are full of these metal things called "guns". If like me you had never heard of a "gun" before here is a beginner video for noobs:

My clients also told me they are "smart". Obviously nobody is smarter than me but my clients use my diplomatic privilege to get their items past customs while the "gringos" try to get items past customs by inserting the items in their own body. It's a game of roulette for those other people. Sometimes they get through customs and sometimes not. Worst of all either way I am not getting paid by those DIY gringos! God knows how many guns have gotten into Grenada since I became a diplomat that I haven't earned one whatever goofy version of a cent is here from them.

Well, those gringos had a problem that needed a genius like me to solve. Those gringos are trying to keep their dozens of gift guns so secret of a surprise to their friends that the government can't find out about the guns or else the surprise might be ruined. Who wants dozens of surprise gifts spoiled by some government worker?

That's when I came up with yet another one of my superbrain business plans. What if I could help those gringos get their guns past customs and make a profit using blockchain technology?

Just like with TRON I need to plagiarize and copy from someone else's work so I can pass it off as my own. With some Google internet searching I found that others had already done most of the work for me.

Image Source: defcad.com

It turned out that idiot @holovision's incessant babbling about 3D printing was actually useful. I downloaded every 3D gun print file I could find or pirate, mostly pirate, and started torrenting the files using that BitTorrent crap I use to peddle my BitTorrent Token shitcoin. Now gringos can enter Grenada, buy a 3D printer, download the files I torrent and print as many guns as they want for their friends and family.

Being a diplomat I was able to cut through the red tape and I already own a 3D printer kiosk business at the airport so the gringos can buy their 3D printer from me before they can even get to a taxi.