Isaac Arthur on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology

The YouTube video linked below about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is one of Isaac Arthur's older videos posted near the end of 2016. Maybe someday he'll post a more updated video but most of the underlying details are still current.

The video goes into the purpose of money in general, how different types of money get assigned value and the economic theory of Gresham's law.

Ethereum wasn't mentioned in the video but I would expect ethereum or a similar "programmable money" cryptocurrency to get as much mention as bitcoin in a more updated video. The video discusses smart contracts and explains how blockchains are trustless.

The video goes into "altchains" and how blockchains can have use beyond transferring funds. The video doesn't specifically discuss non-fungible tokens (NFTs) which are far more prevalent now than when the video was posted. The video does state that blockchains can be used to authenticate digital items such as artwork and identifies an application named Ascribe being used by one of the channel's viewers. That application is now defunct.

There are links to further reading material in the video's YouTube description. I haven't read any of them yet. If and when I do I will probably make posts about them.

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