Is HypnoChain Dead on Hive?

Image Source: HypnoChain Logo

Last month @marshmellowman replied to a @hypnochain post asking about what has happened to the HypnoChain community. I was wondering the same thing. I have thousands of pending HYPNO that I can't get no matter how many times I try to manually claim them through


Unfortunately it seems @dannychain (a.k.a. @hypnochain) has abandoned HypnoChain and possibly might be making moves to leave the Hive platform altogether. Both the @dannychain and @hypnochain accounts started a total power down roughly at the same time. On January 4, 2022 the @hypnochain account issued all of the remaining unminted HYPNO tokens to itself, sent 99,994,956,978 HYPNO to @null for burning and put 1,000,000,000 HYPNO on the market. While powering down it looks like @hypnochain has sent the liquid Hive to @metafemboy and that account is also in the process of powering down.

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With virtually all the HYPNO tokens that can exist on this blockchain issued and seemingly defunct it appears HypnoChain is dead on Hive even though @hypnochain has made no posts about the project ending. No more HYPNO for creators and curators. I believe HypnoChain was one of the first truly "niche" communities on the platform and I am disappointed to see it end with such a whimper.