Investing More in my @holovision.list Account

I had some SWAP.HIVE to invest today so I bought some tokens on to round up the numbers on what my @holovision.list account is staking.

Starting off today with:

  • 19595.4706139 LIST
  • 1042.100916 COM
  • 69381.70007919 HUSTLER

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I bought:

  • 457.899084 COM to increase staking to 1500 COM
  • 404.5293861 LIST to increase staking to 20000 LIST
  • 30618.2999208 HUSTLER to increase staking to 100000 HUSTLER

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I would have invested more if I had more SWAP.HIVE to spare. It's not much but it does make a noticeable increase in my upvote value for each token when curating content.

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