Invested Around $100 USD into POB and VYB Tokens

A few days ago I canceled my Hive Power Down at 120 HP. I had converted all of the liquid HIVE from the power down into H-E tokens and spread them across a few alternate accounts. Right now a lot of the tokens on the and exchanges are cheap. I'd buy more if I had more SWAP.HIVE.

Yesterday I remembered something: I had over $100 USD worth of HUNT tokens from "that other blockchain". The Steemhunt team moved HUNT to Ethereum and I could swap HUNT on MetaMask for Ethereum and then swap the Ethereum for HIVE through Blocktrades.

I would have done that months ago but a few months ago the gas fees for Ethereum were easily $20-$30 USD. Now the gas fees are closer to $3-$4 USD. It was finally worth it to dump the HUNT.

After the swaps I was able to convert the SWAP.HIVE into 1500 POB for under 0.03 SWAP.HIVE each and 8500 VYB for under 0.008 SWAP.HIVE each. While I wait for the price of VYB and POB to go up I am staking the tokens to earn back what I lost through the gas fees. (1).png
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