I Increased My LEO Stake 130% Today

Earlier today I took the bullet and paid a few large transaction fees. I traded most of my ETH for HIVE and traded most of that HIVE for LEO. I could have done this almost two weeks ago but I waited and now seemed like a good time to act. The fees were slightly less than the end of March so I saved a little bit through patience.

I've been keeping an eye on LEO. LEO has been low in price for around two weeks and I wanted to get as much LEO as I could before the price went back up again. For all I know this might have been my last chance to get LEO as low as 1.4 HIVE each. If and when the price of LEO goes up that should cover the loss from high ether gas fees.

Before all of my trading today I had 270 LEO which was all staked. Now I have an additional 350 staked LEO I bought for almost 500 HIVE. I could have gotten an additional 50 LEO but I set some HIVE aside to cover the rest of the Hive Power Up Days in 2021.

Image Source: hive-engine.com

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