100% Chance I Will Have 50,000 POB by 2025

As long as a huge solar flare doesn't knock out the electric grids of Earth I will have 50,000 POB by 2025.

I recently invested a lot in @memehive adding a liquidity pool. With some SWAP.HIVE left over I bought more POB and VYB. VYB is currently cheap so I bought enough to raise my VYB stake to 50,000 VYB. While VYB is low I can get daily curation rewards. IF the price of VYB ever gets larger than POB I can sell off some of the VYB and buy POB.

I also raised my POB stake to 30,000 POB. Currently I now have to stake an average of 20.22 POB each day to have 50,000 POB by 2025. Even if I stopped creating content to post on proofofbrain.io I'd still reach 50,000 POB just by maintaining the same daily amount of curation.

Image source: proofofbrain.io