I Need Help to Win a Contest!

I need some help to win a contest. In this blog post is a link and every upvote on that link would be appreciated. Even if you don't want me to win there is another link in this blog post for an alternate contestant for the contest. In either case every upvote would be appreciated.

The contest is "Sparkesy's Amazing Bumhole Game". The objective of the contest is to take a movie title and replace one of the words with the word "bumhole". The contest was originally started almost two weeks ago but last week the judging panel of @sparkesy43 and a dog named Lucy (I think the dog is something like Arnold the Pig from the Green Acres series) narrowed it down to six finalists, of which I am one.

I entered several different titles. I thought my best one was Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bumhole. I know it's messed up but there is only so much modern psychiatric pharmacology can do to help me so cut me some slack. Anyway, the panel of @sparkesy43 and Ole Lucy chose one of my alternate entries Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Bumhole. Close enough I guess.

Most of the other entries in my opinion aren't as great. They look like they just took the first movie title that came to mind and randomly replaced one of the words. I believe the only real competition is @rufruf and his entry Journey to the Centre of the Bumhole. Yikes! That's good!

Right now as of this writing @rufruf is ahead of me by two upvotes. There are less than three days left in the contest. I am tied at 5 votes with some real stinkers in this bumhole game. It's close right now and every upvote counts and would be appreciated.

If you want me (@holovision) to win with my entry title Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Bumhole please use this link and upvote:


If you believe Journey to the Centre of the Bumhole is a better title then use this link to upvote @rufruf:


In either case thank you in advance.