I Need an Bambulance!

Last week I posted a joke about FBI agents at a psychiatric hospital that the snopes.com site has verified to be based on a true story. According to snopes.com the status of the funny clip below is "undetermined".

Personally, I think the clip is a fake call to a 911 dispatcher. The clue for me is the man asking the dispatcher whether he or the dog gets the deer. Why would he ask such a thing? The man is a modern human. Homo sapiens sapiens is higher up on the food chain and is known for literally driving dozens of species to extinct every day of the year. What's the dog going to do? Is the dog going to take the man to court to assert some legal right to the deer? No, because the dog is a dog. I love dogs and will gladly join them in their glorious quest to defeat catkind. However, I will not anthropomorphize a dog into a sovereign citizen every time a property dispute arises.