I Got a Tribe for my Birthday

Earlier today I spent 3000 BEE token (worth over $700 USD at current value) to initialize ScotBot settings and enable both staking and delegation for the MEME token. Fortunately the price of BEE has remained below 0.8 HIVE so I was able to time powering down and liquidating my Hive Power into BEE to coincide with my birthday. MemeHive tribe was born on my birthday.

I bought myself the basic minimum of a tribe for my birthday. I also gave myself 5 million MEME to make up for powering down my Hive Power. 5 million MEME tokens is like another birthday present I got for myself.

I have the domain hiveme.me registered for the new MemeHive tribe. Now I need some more BEE for the tribe website. 1000 BEE for Nitrous...Well, that's what I thought. I just saw a post by @aggroed posted almost two weeks ago about OUTPOST which is 5000 BEE. The post states, "If you already have a tribe and want to upgrade it's half off." I have a bare minimum tribe but not nitrous yet. It looks like https://cinetv.outpost.dtools.dev/ is still on testnet so OUTPOST probably isn't officially available yet.

Look at that! NFTs! Of course a tribe for memes would need OUTPOST.

Maybe if I sign into the Hive-Engine discord and ask nicely and beg I can be able to get in on that 2500 BEE half off deal. It can't hurt to at least try. I remember @aggroed being cool with giving a grace period when tribes were switching from "that other blockchain" to Hive.

Right now I am powering down 413 HIVE each week for the next seven weeks. I have 473 POB tokens and another 7483 POB I can unstake. I can raise 2500 BEE in a few weeks. 5000 BEE would take longer.

For now it's been a great but long birthday. After I post this I am shutting down and going to bed. If it's too late to get in on that half off OUTPOST deal for the meme tribe it will be just as too late when I sign into the hive-engine discord to inquire tomorrow. I really need some sleep.

I'll take one last moment to practice some begging: Please, please consider buying some MEME tokens on hive-engine.com to help support the new MemeHive tribe. Best case scenario I'll need to raise enough HIVE to purchase 2500 BEE as quick as possible. Thank you.

Meme Template Source: imgflip.com

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