I Fired Justin Sun

My time spent in Gotham City certainly could have went better. My plan didn't quite work out as expected. I thought that was the worst my day could get. Nope. I got back home and saw what @justinsunsteemit posted as a guest blogger to @holovision.

I told @justinsunsteemit the number one thing he can't do this year as a guest blogger is create a guide instructing users how to do something stupid. What does he do? He posts how as a diplomat he smuggles weapons. Why was that post even titled "Justin Sun's Guide to Becoming an Arms Dealer Using Blockchain Technology"? It's about Justin Sun getting his own BTT token for peer-to-peer file sharing .stl files for 3D printable guns. That's barely utilizing the blockchain.

Image Sorce for Meme: The Simpsons

Sorry everyone. I knew that giving Justin Sun one more chance to be a guest blogger was a bad idea. Justin Sun begged me for another chance. Also, I was already planning to be in Gotham City at the time. I thought maybe, just maybe, Justin Sun is Batman. Batman has a lot of crime fighting tech that presumably would be out of the budget for anyone but the wealthiest individuals. I set it up as a test and I ruled out the possibility that Justin Sun is Batman.

I am done dealing with @justinsunsteemit. I thought I was never again going to post to Steemit but today I replied to a two year old post by @justinsunsteemit on steemit.com informing him that he is no longer allowed to guest blog for me ever again.

Image Source: Steemit.com