I am Thankful that Hive Exists

It's Thanksgiving in the United States and I want to end the day with a short post to express my gratitude for this platform.

Even though it was "that other blockchain" when I joined back in 2018, when the old blockchain hardforked I was on Hive starting day one when it took the moniker Hive and I don't plan on ever leaving.

The recent FTX collapse reminded me of one of the two main events that brought me to this kind of platform. I lost something around 70% of the cryptocurrency I had at the beginning of 2016 when Cryptsy declared bankruptcy. What I didn't lose from that was Gridcoin staked in a wallet on my laptop and some crypto tokens Cryptsy didn't list. I learned a lesson then about custody of cryptocurrency that some are just finding out now with FTX.

No doubt if I hadn't lost what I had from Cryptsy I'd be far better off now but Hive has allowed me to rebuild. I don't have to deal with crypto faucet websites or cheap miners bought off eBay anymore to earn crypto. Content creation and curation is far better for me.