How to Outsmart a Demon

In my last blog post I established the possibility that Willy Wonka might possibly be demonic. Now the question is what to do when facing a demonic trickster.

Once again TV teaches us the life lessons we need to know. In the case of demonic tricksters one only needs to outsmart the trickster.

The Twilight Zone has a history of personifying evil in interesting ways. During the first season of the 1985 revival of The Twilight Zone was an episode titled "I of Newton". 

A college professor (Sherman Hemsley) who keeps failing to solve a complex math equation angrily exclaims, "I'd sell my soul to get this thing right!". A demon (Ron Glass) appears and states that Sam's math equation is "...the right phonetic structure to be a good old-fashioned demonic invocation."

Despite the college professor's protests that his "sell my soul" statement was an idle slip of the tongue the demon states that the professor's remark set the deal in motion.

It's weird but as I watch the demon introducing himself it reminded me of South Park. When the demon says he feels like he's connecting with the college professor in a positive way and the demon wants to cut through all the victim/demon negative imaging it makes me think that somehow the demon might be the prototype for the character PC Principal (Trey Parker). I am sure that's not the case but in my mind it eerily seems like it should be true.

Photo Source: side-by-side comparison picture from two different YouTube videos.

Of course this episode follows the "soul selling" trope that there are rules the demon has to follow and a chance to reclaim ownership of the soul. I am not going to spoil the ending for you. It is only a 15 minute episode so it's easy to make time to watch the whole story play out.

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