The Holographic Doctor's Life After Voyager Returned

I am sure many like me are fans of Star Trek: Voyager and the main star of the series The Doctor(Robert Picardo) (not to be confused with a similarly named character in a different series on BBC).

Many of you probably know how the series ended on-screen. Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) got the ship back to the Alpha Quadrant and then decided the Groundhog Day movie was something she could improve upon. So Janeway went back in time to bring the ship back home again while playing Ghost of Janeway Yet to Admiral.

We saw in the final episode of the series that The Doctor ended up with a good life after Voyager's return. The Certifiably Ingame YouTube channel posted a video last month about the crew members post-Voyager. In the 7:56-8:53 points of the video The Doctor's life is described after Janeway's time tampering. In spite of Janeway's LARPing nearly making the Borg an even worse threat to the entire Milky Way galaxy The Doctor still had a great life.

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