Holograms at CES 2023

"Hologram" has a specific definition in physics but much like how "computer" had a different definition before WWII the English language evolves and has moved to incorporate a broader definition to include basically any 3D light effects.

Last year I posted about the new holographic technologies being displayed at CES 2022. Again this year Showcase Holograms has displayed more new products at this year's event. One of these years I need to go to CES.

The video lists "wearable holograms" also but I can't find any videos online for that product. On showcaseholograms.com it seems to be just a hologram necklace which is available.

Showcaseholograms.com also lists a "My Hologram Piggy Bank". Maybe soon they'll have a hologram cryptocurency hardware wallet. Both for effect and also so Batman can't taksies backsies all my Holochain HOT tokens. Doesn't matter how I got them. Code is law.