Hologram Discrimination

The term "hologram discrimination" refers to the under representation of holograms within the entertainment industry. Hologram discrimination may also broadly cover "hologram exploitation" in which actors portray the three-dimensional likeness of a deceased person as a "ghost" or "spirit" rather than simply as a being who has evolved to a higher state in the holographic universe.

Hologram discrimination has become progressively worse in recent times. Examples such as the South Park episode "#HappyHolograms" portrays negative role models as holograms. This increase in hologram discrimination may be due to several factors such as the lack of any advocacy groups to represent the interests of holograms.

Hologram discrimination is so systematic and entrenched within society to the point that not one single study exists that can be cited to show that more than 99.9% of characters in media are organic living creatures and that an actor is hundreds, if not thousands of times more likely to portray a robot rather than a hologram.

I applied for a federal grant to study the issue of hologram discrimination in media. The response back was a stupidly sarcastic suggestion that I might need to seek psychiatric help. What, again? It didn't help the first time.


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