Hive Stock Images - Doing the Math

This will be my first submission to the #hivestockimages community. It's a photo of some numbers I scribbled down to solve the Day 4 problem of a math mini-contest held by @savvyplayer. I wasn't the first person to post the answer and before I threw the scrap of paper in the recycling bin I thought my work might still be repurposed as a possible image for STEM posts.

I took the picture with my smartphone. You don't have to include me as a beneficiary but please credit @holovision as the source of the image if you use it in a Hive post. Thank you.

Possible use in posts about:

  • mathematics
  • education
  • problem solving/reasoning
  • cognitive science
  • graphology (pseudoscience)
  • ect.

Image Source: @holovision