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It's almost April 1st and leading up to this day I've been focusing on the humor of the SCP Foundation. I've saved the best for last - it's dado!

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What's worse than a genie that will grant your wishes ironically and with malicious compliance? A capitalist businessman who fulfills your product need but not quite the way you intended or planned. Also, the capitalist businessman probably is not even malicious when doing it.

Dr. Wondertainment products are rarely based on customer demand and are distributed by unknown means. In some stories dado is running a business but often an individual will contact dado for a product and that individual inevitably ends up...well, I want to say "screwed" but SCP-3929 if you know what I mean. To keep it clean here is a more family friendly example of a dado case study:

dado is one of my favorite SCP Foundation PoIs (persons of interest). Not quite the Mr. Haney (Pat Buttram) character from Green Acres but dado can provide SCP Foundation comic relief through a similar shtick.

The character dado was created by user djkaktus and is mainly known to the SCP Foundation as an amateur anomalous pharmaceutical creator responsible for the distribution of various SCP objects through the black market and Amazon Prime. Clients receiving dado's products can range from cililians unaware of anomalies to terrorists. For dado it is all about being a businessman.