I noticed today that there is now a LASSECASH:PUPPY liquidity pool. Fantastic. I needed a place other than my wallet to park all those PUPPY tokens that I get rewarded for providing liquidity. The PUPPY was piling up in my account doing nothing but now PUPPY can do nothing in a pool and get even more PUPPY. Eat your heart out 101 Dalmatians.

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@lasseehlers claims PUPPY is a "meme-token". I don't believe PUPPY falls in that category. Technically another one of @lasseehlers' tokens LASSIE is more of a meme token (e.g. "What's that Lassie?"). According to the Wikipedia entry:

A meme coin (also spelled memecoin) is a cryptocurrency that originated from an Internet meme or has some other humorous characteristic.

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As an American I am skeptical of the assertion that "Americans usually confuse the name Lasse with Lassie". If that were true it should also be true for most English speaking countries. I would argue that most people are confused about the sex of the dog actor portraying Lassie. In the Lassie franchise all of the Lassie dog actors have been male but some assume from the name that Lassie is female. Only in-story is Lassie always a female dog.

Someday someone will create on Hive the meme token SPACECASH based on the South Park series. Because it's the token Hive deserves, but not the one it needs right now. No, wait. That would be VIGILANTE token. The punchline for SPACECASH would be lifted from the "Pinewood Derby" episode. "There is no space jail, and space cash is only worth what you as a planet decided it was worth."

I doubt @lasseehlers would create or have anything to do with a Hive SPACECASH token. The South Park episode about space cash ends with Earth being isolated from the rest of the Universe. I assume @lasseehlers being a flat Earth proponent would boycott SPACECASH as NASA propaganda.

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