I Wasn't Hypnotized to Write About HYPNO Token (Probably)

I think so far the most niche Hive-Engine tribe that currently exists on the Hive blockchain is @hypnochain with their token HYPNO. Personally I think it's a good sign that someone put their cryptocurrency into buying the BEE necessary to create their token, stake it and create an official site for what would most likely be a minority but very passionate group of users. As the expression goes, "It takes all sorts to make a world". If Hive is to become a more mainstream platform there should be more niche tokens.

The official @hypnochain introduction announcement written by @dannychain explains the basic mission statement as:

HypnoChain is a tokenized community for hypnosis content creators and appreciators where you can earn HYPNO (our token) and HIVE (blockchain's native currency) just by creating and/or curating content about hypnosis.

Image Source: hypnochain.com

Clearly from the liberal use of NSFW post tags that the HYPNO token allows the core target for @hypnochain is the hypnosis fetish community. The introduction post states though that anyone in good standing on the Hive platform is welcome and as the administrator of the Mad Scientists community I can appreciate a good brainwashing scheme or a brilliant mind control plot. I asked in a reply and the response was that there shouldn't be any problem with posts about brainwashing or mind control so maybe someone like @ackza will be posting about Project MKUltra on hypnochain.com soon for both HYPNO and INFOWARS tokens.

Great! Hypnosis-related content is now tokenized but what if like myself you're too ugly to make your own ASMR video on 3speak.co that anyone would want to watch? What if you only know about hypnosis from watching some TV episode in which a character acted like a chicken? What kind of content can you create? I also asked in the reply to the introduction announcement post if reviewing TV shows and movies is acceptable content and @hypnochain replied that there should be no problem with that. There are sites such as TV Tropes that list many examples of hypnosis, brainwashing and mind control from popular media that a user can review. I might post a detailed list later of examples from various media. If all else fails watch a soap opera. If it was amnesia last week and evil twins earlier this week then mind control of some form is coming up to complete the trinity.

Apparently list posts are also acceptable. The example I used in my reply asking about list posts was ranking the top five hypnosis scenes from classic Doctor Who. Yeah, I know Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen) would monopolize that list. It could just as easily be a list of the top five times Sarah Jane Smith was mind controlled and another top five list for all the other hypnosis scenes in classic Doctor Who.

For the HYPNO token itself my own opinion is that setting the total max supply for HYPNO at one trillion tokens is excessive for such a niche token. On the one hand I can understand the logic that if hypothetically tomorrow the Hive platform exploded in popularity there would be plenty of HYPNO token to go around. On the other hand if a commercial provider to the hypnosis fetish community such as girlsgonehypnotized.com joined the Hive platform, created their own token with far more limited supply and competed against HYPNO then having such a large supply of HYPNO would be a disadvantage.

Looking at the HYPNO Richlist besides the majority token holders @hypnochain and @dannychain only myself, @vimukthi and @bitcoinflood are staking HYPNO at this time. Hopefully that will change soon as more users join the community.

Image Source: hypnochain.com

At the time of this posting on hive-engine.com HYPNO is selling at 0.1 Hive and the highest buy offer is 0.001 HYPNO at 0.0999 Hive. One of my goals for 2021 is to have 5000 Hive staked to my account by the end of the year so I am rather frugal with my Hive. I've placed a buy order of 100 HYPNO at 0.01 Hive each. If my buy order gets filled that's fantastic but if not I'll still get some HYPNO by making content.

If HYPNO at 0.1 Hive seems rather high to you the best way to try to get HYPNO is to post content and commenting on other users' content such as this post. Within a week or two after posting this and possibly a few more posts I will have enough HYPNO staked for small value upvotes.

There is one other method for getting HYPNO that depends on other active users in the community. As described in the token's information box on hive-engine.com:

By staking your HYPNO you can even distribute more HYPNO on your comments. For each 100 staked HYPNO you can call our bot once per day "!HYPNO" to tip 1 HYPNO free of charge to someone, just by typing !HYPNO into a comment.

Like my post for @blogtoken I see potential in this new token. Comparing this token's potential to BLOG which has a more broad core target of users may be comparing apples and oranges. Some of the finer details about the community are being worked out and I am interested in seeing where HYPNO and @hypnochain go from here.