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A replicator is one of the fictional futuristic technologies featured in the Star Trek franchise. In some ways it is like a futuristic 3D printer. A replicator is a type of matter converter that used teleportation technology to dematerialize matter down to the subatomic level and then rematerialize that matter into another form. Replicators could also do the reverse operation and recycle leftovers and waste into basic matter which could be stored for later use.

Replicators have limits to their ability to replicate objects. The object to be replicated has to be on file. If no file exists a file has to be created with assembling instructions for the replicator. If the molecular or quantum structure is too complex the replicator cannot assemble the object. Other rules can also be programmed such as not allowing the replicator to produce weapons or poisons.

Photo Source: 3dwarehouse.sketchup.com


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