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Polybius is an urban legend about a video game that was supposedly in one or more arcades in the Portland, Oregon area back in 1981. The urban legend has inspired several free and commercial games of the same name.

According to the stories about Polybius the game became popular and due to it's addictive effects fights would break out over the game. People who played Polybius were said to suffer from insomnia, memory loss and horrible nightmares. A few players were alleged to have been driven to suicide.

There are claims that strange men similar to "men in black" (MIBs) would occasionally go to the Polybius video game cabinet, collect data stored on the machine and quickly leave the arcade. These accounts of strange men reinforce the idea that Polybius was a secret government project researching mind control. According to legend after a few months the Polybius game disappeared from the arcades never to be seen again.

Photo Source: tvtropes.org


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