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A "Phaedra Society" consists of at minimum two, but more often three or more women. The women are unified by a common oath that if one of the members gets raped by a man another member of the group will murder the rape victim. The remaining members of the group will then conspire to frame the rapist for the dead woman's murder. This is often done by stealing a personal item belonging to the rapist that can be easily connected to the rapist and leaving it by the dead rape victim to be discovered later by someone unaware of the group's existence, such as police or a friend of the victim. Additionally, members of the Phaedra Society can make sure that the rapist has no alibi for the time of the woman's murder. This can be done by planning the murder to occur when the rapist wouldn't be in the presence of anybody or the members of the group can invite the rapist somewhere that is near the location of the murder at the time it occurs and then later denying being with or inviting the rapist anywhere at the time of the murder. Thus, giving the rapist little defense against a murder conviction.

The term "Phaedra Society" refers to the Greek myth of Phaedra and Hippolytus.


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