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Mr. Fusion is one of the fictional futuristic technologies featured in the Back to the Future franchise. In the fiction Mr. Fusion is a manufactured product of Fusion Industries and served as an alternative energy source for the DeLorean time machine nuclear reactor which used plutonium. Mr. Fusion was a white canister mounted on the rear deck above the DeLorean's internal combustion engine. The Mr. Fusion unit would power the time machine's flux capacitor, time circuits and flight capabilities.

The fuel for Mr. Fusion was common household trash. Some speculate that the "fusion" in Mr. Fusion refers to cold fusion but that is not accepted as canon.

According to the non-canon Back to the Future: Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines printed by IDW Publishing, Dr. Emmett Brown got the Mr. Fusion unit after seeing it in a store window in the year 2015 and bought it for $8200.

In the real world the Mr. Fusion movie prop, as described by the Back to the Future wiki Futurepedia, was a Krups Coffina coffee grinder mounted on a custom-made base. The base was made from the outer shell of a magnetic disc memory core of a 1960s computer.

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