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A flying saucer is a term commonly used to refer to a reported anomalous flying object or type of flying craft that has a disc-like or saucer-shaped body. In modern times the image of a flying saucer represents aliens or science fiction fantasy.

If flying saucers exist as reported they represent a type of alien technology. Common speculation theorizes that flying saucers use a power source not known to humans and that the method of propulsion is electrogravitic in nature. Flying saucers are reported to make incredible changes in velocity and angles of trajectory rapidly.

Reports of flying saucers were common from the late 1940s after World War II through the 1960s. More commonly seen shapes for anomalous flying objects since then have been triangular, boomerang and spheroid.

There are currently several apps in the Google Play store which use augmented reality to simulate a UFO or make the mobile phone screen a faux radar screen tracking a flying saucer.

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