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Evil Morty is one of the recurring characters in the Rick and Morty TV series. He is an alternate version of Morty Smith from a parallel universe and is the first democratically elected president of the Citadel of Ricks.

Evil Morty has so far been seen in only two episodes. In the episode "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" he wore an eye-patch which hid a transmitter he used to control a robot that looked like Rick Sanchez. Evil Morty was rounded up with other Rickless Mortys and escaped before the Rick was discovered to be fake.

In "Tales From the Citadel" Evil Morty was able to keep his history and true identity hidden while running for president of the Citadel. After winning he killed all the Ricks who opposed him during his campaign and made it clear he would be running the Citadel as a dictator.

A popular fan theory is that Evil Morty is Rick's original Morty before he came to live with the Smith family. He may also be the Morty being left behind as Rick escapes through a portal in the show's opening sequence. I don't think there is enough information about Evil Morty yet though to make a reasonably good guess about why he tried to frame Rick for the murders of 27 alternate versions of himself.

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