Hede.io Entry: @callunabot

The @callunabot steemit account is run by one or more unknown social media trolls, most likely a troll known as @camillesteemer, that uses the @callunabot username to falsely imply that it is a steemit bot. Based on the erratic times at which @callunabot becomes active and dormant it is a human user posing as a bot.

The bot is part of the Steemit Victim Defense League and was allegedly stolen from the steemit user @calluna but there is no evidence to back this claim and @calluna denied in a response to a post by @felt.buzz any ownership of the bot or even having sufficient knowledge on how to create such a bot.

The purpose of bots such as @callunabot seems to be trying to instigate retaliation flagging from the downvoted victims. The destiny of @callunabot according to the Futurama TV series is that it will end up being sent straight to Robot Hell.

Photo Source: d.tube


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