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The Bajak flux cap is one of many subjects Wikipedia wouldn't touch with a ten foot Tesla coil.

The Bajak flux cap is an alleged circuit invented by John Bajak which allows physical time travel. The circuit is a fairly simple construction of a piezoelectric transducer, switches, variable resistor, capacitors and 9 volt batteries. The papers written by John Bajak claim that a capacitance of 1214.9 uF is key to time travel.

The primary source for the Bajak flux cap is a file from the Keelynet website. One of the most active sites on the internet dealing with Bajak flux cap time travel is fluxcap.com, which promotes other methods of time travel along with the Bajak flux cap such as the Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator (HDR).

An anonymous post archived on paranormalis.com claims that John Bajak had untreated schizophrenia during his "temporal displacement". This may explain Bajak's statements in his time travel writings such as seeing a UFO and, "Defining Love as mass in time, one gram in one second = 1 unit of Love...".

I haven't yet constructed a Bajak flux cap circuit. If I did I would probably experiment with it by adding a microcontroller and programmable capacitors to the circuit to achieve and maintain the claimed desired capacitance.

Photo Source: amasci.com


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