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Alien technology is any example of technology that was produced outside of Earth by an alien lifeform. Such technology may be manufactured with materials not found on Earth or from elements already known on the periodic table of elements.

The term "extraterrestrial technology" may be used to distinguish technology designed with the purpose of being used specifically by humanoid lifeforms from other types of alien technology.

Alien technology may seem to violate what humans consider fundamental laws of physics such as the conservation of energy or the speed of light. Alien technology may also be technology humans are aware of but have not achieved such as room-temperature superconductivity.

Examples of alien technology may include but are not limited to:

  • Gravity shield
  • Free energy device
  • Ansible device
  • Inertialess drive

One proposal to classify different types of alien technology is the Kardashev scale which rates an alien civilization by how much energy the civilization can harness.

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