Happy 3D Printing Day!

It's not yet December 3rd here in California where I am but as far as UTC is concerned it is 3 De-cember. Happy International 3D Printing Day!

Image Source: national-awareness-days.com

For 3D Printing Day: I was hoping to post about this last month and I hinted about this in a reply to @print3dpro (a.k.a @futuremind) but due to the current supply chain issues I haven't been able to get all the parts I need. However, since it is 3D Printing Day I'll share this image.

Image Source: Personal Photo

I've 3D printed most of the parts I need for a MakerScanner. Soon I will have a DIY 3D scanner.

I believe I know the type of laser diode I need to use to make the cleanest and brightest laser line for the camera to pick up but right now that diode is out of stock. The ETA for more becoming available is 2-3 months. I guess graphics cards aren't the only thing in shortage when it comes to semiconductors.

Once I have the camera and laser diode I can move to the next stage. I have something very special planned...

Image Source: Personal Photo

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