Guess I Have an Account Now

Elon Musk (who I suspect is Batman's real identity) is rebranding Twitter as X. Just X.


It would be nice if Steemit would do the same thing. I can't say that Steemit should get a new "owner" because the main point of the for was that nobody should "own" the blockchain. If somebody other than Justin Sun somehow was "in chage" and Steemit rebranded than maybe it wouldn't just be a social media blockchain for shitposting like it has become.

If what I am hearing is true then there is a good chance Twitter will be made decentralized and open source over time. Maybe it will have dogecoin as a form of payment. Maybe some of the features from an open and decentralized Elon Musk app can be integrated on to the Hive platform.

This is really interesting to see happening in real time.

Anyway, I was reading the Wikipedia entry and I tried going to but it forwards to I would guess sooner or later will be defunct and replaced completely with

If anybody cares my account on or or whatever it is when you are reading this is @holovisiontv. I haven't done much with the account yet. In a few days I will be launching a YouTube project so I might promote it using that account.