I Got My Ethereum Back. Now what?

A few days ago I sold the few .eth domains I had left on opensea.io. I was even able to get the equivalent of a few dollars for holovision.eth. I sold most of the ENS domains I had for far less than I felt they were realistically worth. Thus ends my speculation of ENS domains.

In the end I think I walked away from my blockchain domain experience a little richer. I haven't sat down and worked it out on paper but even counting the transaction fees for registering and renewing the .eth domains I sold I am sure I got out slightly more ETH than I put in. When I got the ENS domains around two years ago ethereum was cheaper so in terms of equivalent US dollars I definitely have more now than when I started.

So now what?

I'd like to convert the ETH to HIVE. The problem, as I am sure many who keep up with cryptocurrency news, is that the gas fees on the Ethereum network are currently high. I checked today and sending all of my ETH to blocktrades.us would cost roughly $5.19 USD and then the fixed BlockTrades transaction fee would be roughly $7.56 USD. What I'd be willing to pay at most for each transaction is $2.00 USD.

For now my ETH will be sitting in my wallet.

Hopefully ethereum's gas fees will drop down low enough for me to make the conversions. Maybe ethereum will suddenly skyrocket in value so much that I could get thousands of HIVE for my ETH and the transaction fee wouldn't bother me so much.

Rather than thinking about my ETH sitting around doing nothing for me I'll treat it like an emergency fund for my centralized non-blockchain URLs holovision.tv and holovision.mobi. Namecheap.com allows payments in BTC and BCH. I've maintained ownership of my holovision domains for over a decade and I'd be willing to pay $15 or $20 in fees if the alternative was losing those domains.