I Finally Got Above 5000 HP (Sort of)

My goal by the end of 2021 is to have at least 5000 HP. Today I technically reached that milestone but I still haven't reached my goal. Having technically more than 5000 HP will help me to reach my 2021 Hive Power goal.

I know I am making this seem contradictory but it's simple. Right now 4,427 HP is mine and 880 HP is temporarily being delegated to me by @mvl2304.

Image Source: hiveblocks.com

A few days ago in a reply @mvl2304 proposed a delegation swap deal for my LEO stake and after some negotiating we arrived at 250 LP delegation for 880 HP delegation for a month.

At the time of this posting there are 322 days left in the year and I have 4,427 HP that is mine. 101 HP of that is delegated to @curangel but I count HP I've delegated out toward the 5,000 HP goal. In order to reach 5,000 HP I need to average around a 1.78 HP increase every day. Based on my recent hivestats.io numbers I often exceed a daily 1.78 HP increase when adding together my curation and author rewards. The extra 880 HP boost for a month will increase my curation HP and help secure my daily average increase of Hive Power.

Image Source: hivestats.io

For now LEO is the only token I am interested in delegating out in exchange for Hive Power delegation and I've already done that. If @mvl2304 had wanted to swap for STEM or PAL delegation I would have declined and I think I get less Hivecommerce if I delegate my LIST to another user. All of the other tokens that can be delegated I tend to vote more for their tribes' tags so it is worth keeping them staked to my account.