GOD Supports Creating an Anime Tribe (Steem Engine)

Hello again everyone. I hope that everyone is having as good of a sunday as I am.

It seems my prayers were answered because the GOD airdrop was far more successful than the GEEK airdrop. I wrote a post explaining the GOD airdrop but many have still questioned the ultimate purpose of the GOD token. This is only natural because deep down inside those commenting knew that GOD has a higher purpose and that the users receiving GOD in their lives were part of a greater plan.

Currently I have raised 410 STEEMP by sharing GOD with the users of steemit. These funds have been bestowed upon an account named @animetoken and the STEEMP will soon be reincarnated as ENG tokens in order to help give birth to an anime steem engine tribe.

An airdrop of the MEME token I created that will help raise more funds for @animetoken has been prophesied. When the MEME airdrop occurs it will be a sign that ANIME token will soon come.

GOD supports the creation of an anime steem engine tribe. Do you?

Photo Source: steem-engine.com