Glow in the Dark Hive Logo (3D Printed)

Image Source: Personal Photo

This is the same 3D model as my faux silver Hive logo but this time printed using glow in the dark green PLA.

In ordinary daylight the print appears translucent white in color.

Image Source: Personal Photo

The 3D print emits a green glow in the dark after being exposed to a blacklight or strong sunlight. The "glow" part of the PLA filament is strontium aluminate which according to Wikipedia is "...the longest lasting and brightest phosphorescent material commercially available." Since the strontium aluminate makes the PLA more abrasive while being extruded I printed using a steel 0.4mm nozzle rather than brass.

Image Source: Personal Photo

For this print around five minutes of light charging produces a glow that lasts around two to three hours but the glow does diminish over that time.

Image Source: Personal Photo

Image Source: Personal Photo


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