GEEK Token Airdrop: Are You on the List?


Over the last three weeks I've been trying to figure out how to come up with a list for all the steem users with "geek" in their usernames in order to do a GEEK token airdrop. Finally, I realized something. When I sat down and made a Venn diagram of geeks as set A and PALcoin holders as set B the two circles overlap. A=B. PALcoin holders are undeniably geeks.

Therefore the GEEK token airdrop is going to be expanded. On July 4, 2019 around 5 p.m. GMT I got a list of 5,161 PALcoin holders from and created a spreadsheet which can be saved as a CSV file for the purpose of an automated airdop using


I am planning for the GEEK airdrop to occur on July 10, 2019. Each of the 5,161 usernames in the CSV file will get 10,000 GEEK tokens. That means a little over 10 percent of the total supply of GEEK tokens will be given out during the airdrop.

The current CSV file with the usernames for the GEEK token airdrop can be downloaded here. If anybody not on the list wants to be included they can reply to this post asking to be included.