GEEK Token Airdrop Almost Over

The GEEK airdrop is almost over. At 12:01 a.m. PST July 20, 2019 the airdrop will officially be closed.

I've gone through the list and I believe I've manually issued everybody on the list that the EngineAirDrop program missed GEEK tokens. I will also double check the replies tonight to make sure I got everybody who made a request for GEEK. Please keep in mind that I am a Time Lord in exile human and therefore capable of mistakes. If somehow I've missed you whether you were on the official airdrop list or you now want to be included please reply with your request for a share of the airdrop.

Also be sure to follow @geektoken for future updates.

At the time of this posting there are 76.72 million GEEK tokens in circulation. After the airdrop 100 million GEEK tokens will be in circulation. The difference will be issued to @geektoken and will be strategically sold off for steem to benefit the @geektoken account with Steem Power and post promotion fund. None of the other 400 million GEEK tokens will be issued until a team is set up and guidelines for how content will be rewarded are established.