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GEEK token is a steem engine token that rewards content creators on the steem blockchain. Additional rewards can be generated by staking GEEK. The unstaking cooldown period is seven (7) days with seven (7) transfers made during the unstaking period.


I recently created a token on called Geek Rewards (Symbol: GEEK). The purpose is to reward creators of content on the steem blockchain for their intelligent contributions. Eventually I want to build this into a proper project but for now I wanted to make sure I had the GEEK token symbol reserved and start bringing awareness of this token's new existence.

I've begun issuing GEEK tokens to creators. Recipients along with other GEEK token holders can be found on the "Rich List" link above. I would also like to have a kind of airdrop of the GEEK token by issuing GEEK to steemit users who have "geek" contained in their usernames. I can't find a simple way of finding users based on a keyword. Apparently this used to be possible using but that site is now defunct. I've searched randomly and found some usernames with the word "geek" and sent those users tokens. I've also asked how to find usernames based on a keyword on

Soon I plan to start forming a Geek Rewards team. Bilingual members will especially be needed so that non-English content can be rewarded. Other updates will also be announced soon.