GEEK Airdrop Update (Extended Window of Time)


Well, the GEEK airdrop the other day went as scheduled but not as planned. Only a little over 4300 users on the list got the tokens. For some reason the EngineAirDrop program I used gave some users double the airdrop amount even though the CSV file clearly had 10000 next to the names. I am not sure what caused this error or why some names were skipped by the program. I can determine who did and didn't get the airdrop by combining the GEEK rich list with the airdrop spreadsheet and using the =countif(A:A,A1)>1 formula to find duplicate cells.


That gives me an updated list of those who were missed by the program. The EngineAirDrop program had around an 80% success rate. I ran the updated list two more times through EngineAirDrop but even three runs of 80% success doesn't mathematically result in 100% success. Statistically some will be missed. I can manually issue tokens but I won't have the time until monday to thoroughly check each name on the list and manually issue tokens.

If you were missed in the airdrop please let me know in a reply to this post or the previous GEEK token airdrop post. I am a little busy at the moment but I will get to everybody who replies as quickly as I can.

One good thing did result. GEEK tokens were sold off and the profit was converted to 100 steem power for @geektoken. Your support for the GEEK token despite my airdrop goof is appreciated and please follow @geektoken for updates.

Due to the trouble with the airdrop I am extending the airdrop window. This gives me plenty of time to recheck the list and for people who were missed to reply. It's still not too late to request to be included in the airdrop by replying with a request to this post. Of course, from now on I am manually issuing tokens and not relying on freeware.

At the time of this post there are 75.086 million GEEK tokens in circulation. By the end of July 19, 2019 there will be 100 million in circulation. That's 20% of the total GEEK token supply. After July 19, 2019 either all 100 million GEEK tokens will be dispersed through the airdrop or the difference will be sold off for @geektoken steem power.

After July 19, 2019 none of the other 400 million GEEK tokens will be issued until the GEEK token project is properly organized with a team and a plan on how GEEK tokens will be rewarded for content. That will probably take a few months to accomplish.

Note: This post should not be taken as criticism of the EngineAirDrop program. I used a free program and I am responsible for that choice. Next time I will use the airdrop service and gladly pay 20 ENG so I am not completely responsible if there are problems with names on the list being skipped. The idea of a free airdrop program is great and if I hadn't made the list public the airdrop would have looked like a success. The only other free alternative is manually issuing tokens so my advice if you want to use EngineAirDrop is to use it for an airdrop but not publicly announce all the names on the list. I hate the word "proprietary" but I guess that word exists for a reason.