The First SCP Foundation Containment Breach

Below is an interesting video from the SCP Explained - Story & Animation YouTube channel. It's their rendition of the story of the first SCP containment breach.

Since the SCP Foundation lacks a central canon, fans are free to cherry-pick what to accept. However, I disagree with their decision to make SCP-096 the first SCP to breach containment. It seems that SCP-096 was chosen merely because it's a well-known SCP. The confusion between SCP-094 and SCP-096 made the reason for the breach systematic, not arbitrary.

If I were to use the "If the SCP Foundation was an anthology series" approach to narrating the first SCP Foundation containment breach, my version would differ significantly. In my version, someone at the SCP Foundation would get too tempted and steal an SCP object in the first year or so of the organization's existence. This could also introduce the concept of "Keter Duty" and how it originated at the SCP Foundation as an extremely undesirable punishment to discourage any further thefts of SCP objects or attempts to gain anomalous abilities.