First Hive Power Up of 2023

I powered up 10 HIVE today. My total HP for my main @holovision account is now 1,335.989 HP. I will start to delegate out most of my HP in 2023 through Currently I have 995 HP delegated to @tommasovittori for two weeks. I plan on sending the daily payouts to and invest it in Hive-Engine tokens.

Despite investing my HP delegation payouts in 2023 my HP will still grow. Last year I didn't post as much content compared to previous years. I was occupied with other matters but now I will start to regularly post content again. My goal is to post at least once a day with the payout option set to 100% Hive Power.

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It's not a firm goal but I hope to get to 2,000 HP by the end of 2023. That averages out to under 2 HIVE per day I need to stake. That's possible through posting, curation, and the current Hive Power APR of 3.17%.