I Claimed My First Account Creation Token

Earlier today I claimed my first Account Creation Token using my account's Resource Credits. I would have done it a little earlier but the amount of Resource Credits required to claim the tokens had risen lately.

Image Source: hiveinvite.com

Not that I am complaining but since I have over 4000 Hive Power now undelegated it seems like I have more Resource Credits than I really need to function on Hive. It seems like as soon as I make a vote the Resource Credits drop down a little bit and then regenerate to 100% immediately. Part of me just wants to see the Resource Credit bar for my account around the 80-90% range so that way it would feel like the full potential of my account is being used. At 100% it's full and I get no benefit from that.

Image Source: hiveblocks.com

I haven't decided yet whether to just keep my Hive Power undelegated next month, delegate some to dlease.io for a daily Hive payout or delegate the Hive Power to @leo.voter for a daily payout of LEO token. Maybe a combination of the two or three.