Finding out about @engrave

A few days ago @chrisrice replied to one of my posts suggesting that I consider using the @engrave blogging platform for my domain instead of the WordPress platform. Somehow I've not found out about this before and since it's the weekend I had time today to sit down and begin examining that option.


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To be honest when I started back on Steemit I was considering manually copying some of my post content to I haven't posted much material on that domain because what I really want to use that domain for isn't possible yet due to current contemporary technology. I wrote a post back in 2018 titled "The Future is Holographic Television" and I am sticking with that premise. Right now the small amount of content on is being displayed mostly as a placeholder.

I do own a few other domains. I've owned the domain for over a decade and so far I haven't done anything with it. I looked at the @engrave custom domain of on my Android phone and the formatting seems decent enough for a functional mobile site.

This will be something I'll continue considering further. From what I've seen so far I am more than 90% sure I will be switching away from the WordPress-based option soon. One of the main reasons I chose to use the WordPress platform for my domain was because it is open source. @engrave is also open source so I'll still be able to support that philosophy if I switch over to the @engrave platform.